Peruvian Universities

We are very thankful for the support Peruvian Universities has had at LiMUN. Peruvian Universities, is the debate team from AENU Perú and ensures excellence and professionalism for the committee chairs at our conference.


It all started in the year 2005, when a group of Law students from Universidad de Lima decided to form the “Círculo de Estudios sobre las Naciones Unidas” (CENU) to participate in Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN) 2006 for the first time. They returned year after year, each time achieving better results thanks to the endurance and dedication of our members. Finally, in the year 2010, the CENU became an independent association under the name AENU Peru, allowing students from other universities and other academic disciplines besides law to become part of our “Peruvian Universities” team. After several years of success in HNMUN, AENU Peru decided to start participating in Harvard World Model United Nations (HWMUN) in 2012. The success of our association is the direct result of the commitment and perseverance of our members. Not only have we managed to win more than 150 awards in these competitions; more importantly, we have been the driving force that has steered the MUN boom in Peru.

Becoming part of our team is not an easy task. Every year, we have to select the best 15 to 30 students out of the nearly 300 students who decide to undertake the challenging task of becoming part of Peruvian Universities. Our team members train with consistency and dedication for seven entire months, and our advisory staff, led by our former delegates, dedicates hundreds of hours to prepare materials and train our delegates ad honorem, moved only by their love and dedication to our team and our association. So we can say AENU Peru is like a family, in which older members become the parents in charge of guiding the new delegates through their MUN path.

The Asociación de Estudios sobre las Naciones Unidas del Perú (AENU Perú) has been training university students to participate in four challenging competitions from Harvard and Oxford University since 2006 (HNMUN), 2012 (WorldMUN), 2016 (HNMUNLA) and 2016 (OxiMUN). In these 10 years, we have won more than 150 awards in these conferences, and we have won the “Best Large Delegation” Award at WorldMUN 2014, as well as the “Outstanding Delegation” Award at WorldMUN 2016 and the “Best Large Delegation” at Harvard National MUN Latin America 2017, placing us as world champions and regional champions in these conferences.

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