Crisis Committees

Security Council of the Russian Federation

Hello everyone, my name is Mayte Bryce, and I will be serving as Director for the Security Council of the Russian Federation. I am a third year medical student at Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia and have had the opportunity to participate as a research trainee at CRONICAS – Centre of Excellence in Chronic Diseases in 2016. Besides my passion for medicine, it was probably my love for performing arts –namely theatre—and history what first motivated me to enter the world of specialized agencies. Since then, I have participated in Harvard National Model United Nations Latin America 2017 in the Cabinet of Nicolás Maduro and Harvard National Model United Nations 2017 in the United Nations Security Council, where I earned a Best Delegate Award and a Verbal Commendation respectively. MUN has been a way to keep in touch with humanitarian and political affairs, especially for people like me that often find themselves absorbed by numbers and hard science. This branch of MUN is highly academic, competitive, and strategically, designed to test endurance and resourcefulness. So, for all of you candid and sharped-tongued delegates out there, crisis is a perfect opportunity to find a fierce and exhilarating form of debate.

Topic: The Ukrainian Crisis

The Russian vs. Europe tug of war that currently has Ukraine hostage has already led to 9,640 deaths, 1.1 million Ukrainian refugees and €100 billion estimated Russian losses due to sanctions. Situation status: still worsening. Although the conflict has transitioned to a stalemate after it first erupted in early 2014, shelling and skirmishes occur regularly. As members of the Russian Federation Security Council, you will have to figure out your support for Russian-backed separatists, protect the interests of the State, deal with “grey zone” areas between the front lines, and dodge persistent United Nations efforts to sanction and hinder the state.

In this committee, delegates will be expected to react to fast-paced changing scenarios and present solid proposals that can be on one side carried out behind the closed doors of this nation and on the other, that are fit to be presented to the International Community.