Economic and Social Council

United Nations Industrial Development Organization

Welcome to LIMUN 2017! My name is Alexandra Cross and I am very happy to be the director of the United Nations Industrial and Development Organization committee. I am on my third year in Communication at the University of Lima. Although I haven’t decided on a major yet I have a big inclination towards journalism and Corporative communication. I love photography and film. On a more profesional level, I am a part of “Ver Por Ellos” which is an organization that provides sexual education and humanitarian aid to communities on the outskirts of Cuzco, Apurímac, Ayacucho and several parts on the Amazonian rainforest. I started doing MUN last year, participating in Harvard National Model United Nations, MUN has not only taught me to develop a particular set of soft skills, but has help me learn to embrace different points of views making me grow as a person and a profesional. I expect from this committee creative but realistic solutions for the specific topic that it’s being addressed.

Topic: Industrialization, Work automation and unemployment

The term “work automation” refers to how the work made by highly trained workers can today be replace by technology, thanks to the advance and creation of new forms of intelligence. Even though the concept of automation is new to our society, the idea of men being replaced by a machine has been around since the birth of the first industrial revolution. However, there is vulnerability when it comes to automation and it is not in the difficulty of the job, but in how routinary the job is. Historically, industrialization led to a reshapement of the labor market, and work automation is today´s new threat for a lot of people. In this committee, delegates will need to understand what differentiates work automation from a traditional process of industrialization and how can governments adapt their structure to protect the human capital that is being affected by the automation of work, while controlling unemployment and promoting industrial development .