General Assembly

Economic and Financial Committee

Welcome to LiMUN 2016! My name is Jorge Aguayo, I am 19 years old, and I’ll be serving as Director for the Economic and Financial Council this year. I am currently in my third year of studies of Economics at Universidad del Pacifico. As one of my favourite hobbies I love playing basketball and playing some videogames such as FIFA17 on my PS4. I also really enjoy reading and discussing about politics and international affairs whenever I have a chance. I have been part of the Peruvian Universities team since the 2015-2016 season. During these two years, I have twice attended the Harvard World Model United Nations conference in Montreal in March of this year and in Rome on March 2016, where I was recognized with a Diplomacy Award in the committee of the European Union helping Peruvian Universities obtain the recognition of Outstanding Large Delegation. In addition, last year I was part of the World Health Assembly committee at LiMUN 2016 where we discussed access to health as a human right. These years have served me to grow to an exponential level, not only in reference to the closely related skills needed to be a delegate of Model United Nations, but as a person. I hope you all enjoy the committee and have an amazing time debating!

Topic: Economic Impact of Migration

Migration has once again been in the spotlight in recent years. Conflicts in the Middle East and economic crisis has become the incentive for millions of people to flee their homes in search of a better life. The end result of this massive migration is still uncertain; however, the latest electoral victories show the rising tensions in host countries were xenophobia has taken over a significant number of the population. Often the debate centers on the social impacts of migration as they are the most immediate. Nevertheless, economic impacts are equally relevant and are a determining factor in the sustainability of a country affected by immigration. Topics to be discussed when talking about migration and its repercussions range from immigrants in the labor market and labor migration to their inclusion in state programs and the differences between the approach of developed and developing nations regarding the issue. Furthermore, the economic effects of emigration should be discussed with as much importance as immigration, because growth will be strongly affected in a country with a reduced and unskilled workforce.