General Assembly

Legal Committee

Welcome to LiMUN 2017! My name is Paola Castillo and I will be chairing as Director for the Legal Committee. I am a Lawyer from Universidad de Lima, currently working at Estudio Echecopar in the Banking and Corporate section. In 2009, I won a scholarship from the US Department of State to attend the Youth Leaders Program. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, reading and watching old movies. I had the chance to start MUN in WorldMUN 2015 as part of Peruvian Universities, winning a Diplomacy Award in the Legal Committee. Likewise, I have been part of the LiMUN staff since 2015. I consider MUN as a tool which allows us to develop skills for the rest of our lives, but foremost it is an opportunity to discuss pressing problems and achieve real solutions through teamwork.

Topic: The Protection of Rights of the LGBT community

Everyday, people identified as part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community are subject to a series of human right violations, such as homophobic violence, murder, rape, arbitrary detention and generalized discrimination in their workplace and in their access to basic services from housing to health. It is illegal to be homosexual in over 70 countries today, meaning that millions of individuals are at a real risk of detention, imprisonment and even execution. While many challenges remain for this community, there has been significant progress through measures adopted by many countries, allowing the LGBT community to enjoy their rights to live and exist, enshrined in international law. There is still much to do for their fulfillment, though in recent years there has been a marked global movement towards their cause. In this committee, delegates are expected to align by their country policy – whatever it may be – and propose respectful solutions to this very controversial problem.