General Assembly

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

Welcome to LiMUN 2017! My name is Alexandra Beraún and I’m excited to be serving as Director for the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. I currently study in the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and in my free time, I enjoy reading classic literature, binge watching series, saying random fun facts and taking pictures of practically everything. Regarding my Model United Nations experience, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in three of the main conferences organized by Harvard University: Harvard National Model United Nations 2015, Harvard World Model United Nations 2017 and Harvard National Model United Nations Latin America 2017, winning an Outstanding Delegate Award in the latter one which contributed to the Best Large Delegation award my team won. Also, I have been an Assistant Director in the UNESCO committee in LiMUN 2015 and in the Historical General Assembly in PUCPMUN 2016. Personally, I see doing model UN as one of the most, if not the most, complete extracurricular activity you can do either in high school or in college. It’s the perfect tool to improve multiple soft skills, learn more about our world’s reality and to constantly challenge yourself. I expect a committee full from different perspectives and rich in content under a diplomatic atmosphere that is one of the main characteristics of LiMUN. See you in August!

Topic: Science, Technology and Innovation for the prevention of natural disasters

In the last ten years, disasters caused by natural phenomena had left more than 2 billion people affected and almost 1 million deaths around the world. Because of climate change, their effects had increased drastically and will continue to do so if adequate preventive measures are not taken in consideration. Even though the United Nations has done multiple efforts through different committees to tackle this urgent issue, it yet has failed to consider the role of Science, Technology and Innovations (STIs) as one of the main axis for disaster risk reduction policies. It’s the role of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development to reach a resolution that consider the promotion of STIs as one of the protagonists to prevent the devastating consequences that natural disasters can bring. In this committee, we expect to reach effective and long-lasting solutions that can adapt to different realties and that require the participation not only from Member States, but also from the private sector and civil society.