Registration will take place from May 1st to June 8th.

For any question or comment please contact us at:

The registration form can be found below. Please read carefully the details listed below before registering. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please bear in mind that the capacity of this Conference is limited; therefore, the LiMUN 2017 Staff encourages all teachers and faculty advisors to register their delegation as soon as they get the chance to.

Teacher´s Registration

  • Each school must register at least one teacher who will become the point of contact between the LiMUN Staff from AENU Perú and the school.
  • We recommend to register more than one teacher if over 10 or 15 students are registered. The assigned teacher(s) will receive the information regarding the conference and be trusted to distribute it among their students.
  • Registered teachers must attend the Teacher’s Workshop, which will be held in June. They must also accompany their students during the days of the conferences.
  • Students will not be allowed to participate if at least one teacher from their school is not present at all times.

Countries and Committees assignments:

  • The LiMUN 2017 Staff will be in charge of assigning countries and committees to each school, and teachers will be contacted by e-mail and asked to place their students in each committee/country according to their interests.

Registration form

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Each school can register between 5 and 20 students.

Please, make sure to complete the contact information in the first four fields of the form.

Make sure not to press “enter” until you are finished completing the whole form, as pressing this button will automatically send your form.